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ARMAGEDDON 'Demigod' X9X Sneakers

ARMAGEDDON 'Demigod' X9X Sneakers

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Our ARMAGEDDON X9X series is an audacious attempt at creating one of the boldest sneaker designs ever. It is a fusion of Retro and Futuristic design elements. The exaggerated outsole design, unique lacing system, blown-up proportions and bold colour blocking breaks focus and commands attention. The loud and unapologetic design has made them an instant hit among the fashion aficionados.

  • Reinvented & Evolved iconic silhouette
  • Exclusive 3D pattern on the upper and sole
  • Mesh upper with suede/leather overlays
  • Stealth wire lacing system with knob reel
  • EVA midsole for lightweight comfort
  • Thick platform heel with bold embossed design
  • Pull tab at the heel for easy on/off
  • Treaded complex rubber outsole offers grip and durability

Customer Reviews

Based on 230 reviews
Kingsley Pembroke

I'm embracing a galactic glam look with these sneakers. The 'Demigod' X9Xs are a testament to futuristic style and comfort.

Winston Worthington

I'm experiencing luxury in every step with the ARMAGEDDON 'Demigod' X9X Sneakers. They're not just stylish but also incredibly plush.

Sophia Parker

These sneakers are a space trekker's dream come true. They're not just stylish but also perfect for intergalactic exploration.

Ava Wright

These sneakers are the epitome of futuristic chic. The 'Demigod' X9Xs are captivating and add sophistication to my look.

Daniel Jackson

I'm feeling the vibes of an odyssey with these sneakers. The 'Demigod' X9Xs are perfect for adventures in style.

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