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FURY 'Lord' X9X Sneakers - Carbon Black

FURY 'Lord' X9X Sneakers - Carbon Black

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The FURY X9X Story

The idea for our FURY X9X series originated when we ventured into creating the most eccentric sneakers that had ever been made. We decided to draw inspiration from Nature as we had always been fascinated by its phenomenal ability to teach us.

We had specifically paid more attention to the outsole design to invigorate life into the appearance of the sneakers. Available in 9 colorways.


  • Sleek, athletic high-top construction
  • Embossed detailing on the upper for an iconic look
  • Breathable Primeknit Mesh upper
  • Sock-like tongue and cuff for a snug fit
  • Pull tab at the heel for easy on/off
  • EVA midsoles provide extra cushioning
  • Abrasion-resistant distinctive rubber outsoles

Customer Reviews

Based on 161 reviews

The FURY 'Lord' X9X Sneakers in Carbon Black seamlessly blend technology and style. They're equipped with advanced features that enhance performance while maintaining a sleek aesthetic. Running in them feels effortless, thanks to the responsive cushioning and support. X9X Sneakers has created a winner with this model.

Turner Sullivan

As someone who loves outdoor adventures, I can't praise the FURY 'Lord' X9X Sneakers in Carbon Black enough. Their rugged yet stylish appearance makes them ideal companions for hiking trails or exploring the wilderness. Plus, they provide exceptional grip and support on varied terrain. X9X Sneakers has crafted a masterpiece.


They exude an aura of sophistication and offer unparalleled comfort. Walking in them feels like floating on air. Kudos to X9X Sneakers for this innovative design.


These FURY 'Lord' X9X Sneakers in Carbon Black are a game-changer in urban footwear. The sleek design and durable construction make them a must-have for city explorers like myself.

Warren Vaughn

The FURY 'Lord' X9X Sneakers in Carbon Black are a fashion statement like no other. X9X Sneakers has truly outdone themselves.

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